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"With almost 200 people, we have to have a lot of things digitized in HR, otherwise they are unguardable. Thanks to Sloneek, we were able to digitize, refine and, above all, control the entire basic HR administration. We have also significantly reduced the amount of time that our employees have had to devote to the personnel agenda. We have a fast and secure system from the ent still-to-be-found error tables."
Christine Yacoub
Happy manager | AGS 92
"I can highly recommend sloneek's personnel system. The company is constantly developing new functionalities and the system is thus becoming a complex solution. We are kept informed about upcoming news and the whole team has been providing us with perfect support for a long time. Thanks for the 😊"
Human Relations | MOPET CZ
"We are extremely satisfied with Sloneek. It exactly meets our needs and requirements for administrative simplification, simplicity, clarity and immediate control. In addition, we have immediate support from the Elephants, we can only recommend."
Sales Director | ECHO 24
"Sloneek helped us organize hr agendas across the holding. The mobile app makes it easier for us to register working hours during business trips or work "off-site". We appreciate the fast customer support. It is also good that elephants listen to comments on improvements and gradually incorporate them."
Controlling | OK Holding
"We have been using the Sloneek app since 2017. She's changed a lot in that time, but in my opinion, only for the better. We are a small company, so we are far from using all the features it offers, but its use is very "user friendly", which I appreciate extremely much. Above all, I cannot praise the attitude of the lords behind it. They have always been extremely helpful to me, they are available almost at any time, nice and positively tuned, no requirement is a problem, they always look for a solution at the end of which is the satisfaction of all involved. I certainly cannot praise this cooperation."
Phdr.magda lažanská
HR manager | ProTys
"Sloneek helps us to maintain order on the personnel agenda on a daily basis. It simplifies the registration of time worked and provides clear reports on the basis of which we can process wages and plan shifts."
Paul MIlan the Black
The founder and chief of the tribe | Econea
"The introduction of Sloneek into our society has helped us in several ways:
1. We have fulfilled the legal obligation to register working time
2. We can realistically see and evaluate the attendance of workers, including their absences, in one system.
3. We have achieved a uniform register of assigned work erms.
4. Employees appreciate the organizational structure and basic data about their colleagues from other teams, as well as the mobile version of the application.

As hr staff on the sloneek team, we always appreciate fast, structured and nice communication. Our insights, comments and feedback on some functionalities are always accepted by Sloneek as a challenge or stimulus for improvement. Sloneek and I got along nicely, and even though we sometimes complain, we like him 😊."
HR Director | Restrial
"Sloneek helped digitize and simplify many HR processes in our group and thus reduce the overall TCO. At the same time, it shares our shared vision of IT: to work anytime, anywhere."
Digital & Data Director | EDUA Group
"Sloneek became part of the team. We can see who, when and what he is doing, and we can easily plan with him."
Director of | Institute for Monuments and Culture
"Sloneek has made it easier and faster for us to organize the HR agenda. We have a perfect record of absences and attendance, in a detailed overview we also have a library of labour law documents. I am very happy that we control the corporate assets that our people have in their home. All resolved in no time, with electronically signed transfer protocols. What our people appreciate is an overview of who is doing "today" and who is on vacation, in meetings and when they will eventually return.
In addition to clearing the entire HR agenda, Sloneek clearly brought savings in time associated with maintaining and implementing the HR agenda. Everything is available right away and on a few clicks. Even on your phone."

"Thanks to Sloneek, everyone has a real-time overview of the movement and plans of colleagues. We can also plan joint meetings and events more efficiently for the whole year in advance. The system is also flexible enough to record the work of trainees and volunteers, without which our activities cannot be done."
Executive Director of | Czech Committee for UNICEF

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