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Technological integrators

We offer high-quality solutions to companies that supply solutions for call centers, back offices and other combined communication services. Sloneek can be very quickly incorporated into their own system. Thanks to the flexible API, it is easy to read and write data from Sloneek for further processing based on inputs from other systems.

The most interesting modules for this are Absence, Working Hours, Shift planning and Time Tracking. Everything can be easily connected to tools such as WFM, WFO and Quality Management.
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Perfect for companies or individuals who focus on optimisation of internal company processes. Sloneek is an ideal tool for lightning fast implementation, thanks to which these experts can quickly quantify real cost savings for their customers.

Process-oriented companies will be particularly interested in modules for Shift planning, Asset management and Workflows for document signing. These modules also allow for reading and writing data using a sophisticated API.
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Accounting and payroll firms

For accounting companies, Sloneek can serve as an interface between customers and payroll accountants. Sloneek is an ideal tool for collecting data within the organization, consolidating and homogenizing data, and making it available to the authorized accountant on the part of the accounting company.Information from the modules Absence ,Shift Planning, Attendance , is available in machine-processable form after insertion via Sloneek, including programmatic import into accounting applications.

Degrees of partnership

bronze partner
from the total monthly turnover unlimited
silver partner
after exceeding the monthly turnover of 5,000€
golden partner
after exceeding the monthly turnover of 10,000€

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