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The Time Tracking module is used to record the time worked by employees and external employees. Entering the beginning and end of work is very simple for the user and can be done from both a web browser and a mobile phone.

Time worked is flexible, so you can give users exactly as much freedom as you need when typing. You can require some activities to be reported solely by entering the beginning and end of work, while others can be entered in the calendar and back.
Time Tracking is currently fully integrated with employee records, working hours, absences and attendance. All data leads to a clear dashboard and reports, in which you can compare, among other things, the actual time worked against the plan, costs and revenues, and monitor the efficiency of the employees.

All users have their own overview, managers also view the report of their subordinates' work.
Monthly activities calendar with timetracking
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  • Enter the beginning and end of work on your computer and mobile
  • Calendar for entering activities forward and backward
  • Definition of cost and invoice amounts per hour
  • Flexible activity dials and categorization
  • Standalone Activity Scheduler role
  • Shift planning
  • Manager's approval for planned events
  • Preview managers of child activities
  • Dashboard and easy to read reports

All users:

  • Interactive activity calendar
  • Integrated activity calendar (attendance, absence, working hours and other resources)
  • Enter time tracking via mobile phone
  • Enter time tracking through a web app
  • Stop time tracking
  • Enter an activity in the calendar forward and backward
  • Categorization of the time tracking activity
  • Change the beginning and end of an activity via drag and drop in your calendar
  • Insert an activity note
  • Insert activity comments (log, documentation, link,..)
  • Insert an attachment to activities
  • Preview planned activities for the upcoming days in the dashboard
  • Preview the last six month tracked time in the chart
  • Report preview - individual time tracking activities
  • Report preview - summary of activities, comparison with working time pool
  • Report preview - activity calendar, comparison with working time pool


  • Preview your colleagues' interactive calendar and built-in calendar
  • Add a comment to an activity
  • Add an attachment to an activity
  • Preview of your colleagues' reports with export to Excel


  • Hide a module from selected users
  • Hide time tracking for the whole company
  • Edit all users' activities
  • Create new activity events
  • Setting an activity for time tracking - time tracking disabled, time tracking enabled, time tracking required
  • Manage activity categories measured by time tracking
  • Allow selected users to use activities
  • Set up an hourly billing price for each activity
  • Set up an hourly cost price for each activity
  • Define custom activity colors that are reflected in calendars and action buttons
  • Define custom language translations of activity names
  • Generating an activity report
  • Generating an activity summary report, including comparison with the working time pool
  • Generating a calendar activity report
  • Export reports to CSV, XML, XLS

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