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Use the Checklist module to create repeatable task reports that authorized users can build and run. Unlike a simple task mark, Checklists aim primarily at capturing processes, defining them, and repeating them.

For an employee entering the position of sales representative, it is always necessary to complete a certain set of tasks - from preparing a computer, through signing documents or taking a photo to Sloneek. You can have all these tasks prepared in advance and at the moment of starting the employee in the position you will just start the appropriate checklist.

You can have many checklists - for example, for onboarding employees, education, even termination of employment. The module is linked to the Documents and Util aidsmodule.
Checklist template builder
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  • Pre-definable task reports
  • The primary tasks of the checklist are assigned to the user to whom the checklist applies - for example, an incoming sales manager or an outgoing employee.
  • Secondary checklist tasks are defined for specific users - typically IT Manager, Office Manager, HR Manager
  • All users have a clear list of tasks to attend to.
  • At the time of completion of all checklist tasks, the user who started the checklist is informed of the completion of the entire checklist

All users:

  • Preview my tasks
  • Move a task to the next state
  • Complete a task
  • Create and run a checklist (if enabled for everyone)
  • Insert an attachment (file) in a checklist
  • Receiving notifications - the user is assigned a task
  • Receiving notifications - another user has completed my task
  • Receiving notifications - my checklist is completely complete


  • View tasks and their performance of my subordinates


  • Set whether checklists are created only by administrators or everyone
  • Create checklists
  • Start checklists
  • Manage, edit, and delete checklists
  • Manage, edit, and delete tasks
  • Log checklist audit preview

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