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You will get a complete employee record, including the possibility of inserting custom fields and reminders. Administrators set up teams, their members, managers and supervisors. All users of the application have a preview of their data in accordance with the GDPR.

The basic module also set company parameters such as active modules, their visibility for individual users, payment data and much more. You can handle the configuration yourself or we will be happy to help you.
There are a lot of useful small features in this module, such as The Trust Box ,Mood Measurement in your business, as well as Pages with which you can create intranet pages with important information for your people.

You can use online chat to communicate quickly about HR topics. For users who aren't currently online, automatically send a message to your email.
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  • Employee records, including custom fields and notification reminders, user roles
  • Create and share the corporate team structure (orgchart)
  • Internal phone book with people's availability preview
  • Trust box, Mood measurement in the company, Company website
  • Text chat with online user status.
  • Company information, payment details, invoices
  • Custom settings - labels, categories, locations
  • Integration with Google Workspace

All users:

  • Change the password to enter the app
  • Preview of your personal information
  • Editing basic contact information
  • Change your personal photo
  • Team structure preview
  • Internal phone book
  • Online chat
  • Change the language of the application (Czech, Slovak, English, German, French)
  • Link to your Google Calendar
  • Preview of personal audit logs
  • Access online help, live support, and knowledge base
  • Set the order of columns in reports, filtering, sorting
  • Save and upload your own report views


  • View your colleagues' personal information


  • Set the company details
  • Set up active modules
  • Set the visibility of modules for all users
  • Manage users, including enhanced personal information
  • Manage user roles
  • Manage teams in the organisational chart
  • Manage module visibility for individual users
  • Manage and assign global labels
  • Manage and assign custom fields for users and teams
  • Set up billing and credit card
  • Preview and download invoices in PDF
  • Company-wide audit log preview
  • Preview the control screen that checks for correctness of app settings
  • Food stamp management

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