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A powerful tool for storing and signing documents related to the HR agenda.

Whether you need to store private documents in their personal folder with individual employees, or publish a company-wide document, you can set everything up from one place.
Documents may require a read receipt or signing by one or more employees. Both confirmation and signature are legally binding acts fully compatible with the EU eIDAS standard and, of course, gdpr.

The renowned office of AK Bříza & Trubačoversees the signing in Sloneek in accordance with the applicable legislation. You can read in detail about security and legal validity on our support page.
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  • Private employee documents
    (contract, wage statement, notice,...)
  • Company-wide documents
    (directives, guidelines, codes)
  • Notification for reading and signing a document
  • Finger, mouse, stylus signature
  • Bulk notifications and reminders
  • Easy to read dashboard
  • eIDAS ready, GDPR compatible
  • Audit log


  • Hide a module from selected users
  • Enable the Document Manager role
  • Insert a business-wide public document
  • Insert a private document for the selected user
  • Send a reminder for a document signature request
  • Preview document signing status
  • Preview users who require a document signature
  • Create a signature workflow, set up users who require a signature
  • Enable/disable the insertion of signature workflows by all users
  • Document archiving and workflow
  • Delete a document from an archive
  • Delete a workflow from an archive
  • Enable digital signature document signing for your entire business
  • Preview of audit logs of all documents and workflow


  • Access to all public documents
  • Access to private documents
  • Confirm reading a public and private document
  • Sign a document as part of a signature workflow
  • Sign a document with a digital signature
  • Quick preview of PDF documents
  • Download all accessible PDF documents

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