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Competence model

We have developed a world-unique application for digitizing and automating the competence model in companies. With it, you can create your own competency trees and then map them to specific employees and individual roles.

Employees undergo self-evaluation using questions and evaluation criteria defined for each competence model. After you insert a rating from your supervisors, you compare the two ratings and schedule the next steps.
With Checklist integration, you can build educational plans based on the outputs from the competence model.

This module is a separate part of the application. Please contact us to demonstrate it and subsequently implement it.
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  • Definition of custom components of the competence trees
  • Assembling your own competency trees
  • Assign competence models to employees
  • Employee self-evaluation, manager's evaluation
  • Evaluation meeting
  • Education planning


  • Build competence models
  • Four-level competency modeling
  • Detailed weight allocation at all model levels
  • Designing development areas following the results of the evaluation of the allocated model
  • Space for comments and comments from employees, managers and HR staff


  • Data preview, evaluating in charts
  • Data as a basis for the continuous development of subordinates

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