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Recording employee arrivals and departures can be done via a web or mobile application, or also with the help of hardware terminals with contactless cards.

The attendance module closely follows the working time register. It offers flexibly definable event dials to distinguish between different types of departures (end of shift, doctor, err, etc.).
Team managers can assist their subordinates with editing their attendance, and they can view complex but very clear reports.

Attendance can also be filled in completely automatically based on active scanning of the internal corporate network.
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  • Customisable attendance events
  • Complex attendance recording
  • Web and mobile UI
  • Hardware terminal with contactless cards or chips (optional)
  • Fully automated attendance recording generated from network monitoring (optional)
  • Easy to read reports for managers
  • Dashboard with up-to-date attendance data for all
  • User comments and attachments

All users:

  • Interactive attendance calendar
  • Integrated attendance calendar (attendance, absences, working hours and other resources)
  • Enter an attendance event - arrival /departure/ your own attendance event
  • Enter an attendance event via mobile phone
  • Enter an attendance event via web app
  • Enter an attendance event via terminal using card or chip
  • Replenish a missing departure from a previous business day
  • Insert an event note
  • Comment on events (note, explanation, etc.)
  • Inserting an attachment to events (e.g. doctor's certificate)
  • Generate a token for network activity-generated attendance
  • Preview of the working time for today and the current month
  • Preview the last six month tracked time in the chart
  • Report preview - individual events
  • Report preview - summary of time worked, comparison with working time fund
  • Report preview - time worked calendar, comparison with working time pool


  • Preview your colleagues' interactive calendar and built-in calendar
  • Add a comment to an event (e.g. reply to a colleague's note)
  • Add an attachment to an event
  • Edit the beginning and end of a colleague's attendance event
  • Close a colleague's attendance segment if he/she has not entered the departure time
  • Preview of your colleagues' reports with export to Excel


  • Hide a module from selected users
  • Edit attendance events for all users
  • Create new custom attendance events to categorise the type of departure
  • Define custom event colors that are reflected in calendars and action buttons
  • Define custom language translations of event names
  • Generating the attendance event report
  • Generating the attendance summary report, including comparison with the working time pool
  • Generating the attendance calendar report
  • Export reports to CSV, XML, XLS

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