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The module makes it easy to register the work erms that individual employees work with. The individual util services in the application are assigned by a user with a special role, and such assignment triggers a workflow within which the recipient confirms receipt of the aid.

This module brings absolute insight and order to work erms. In a situation where people are increasingly working from the home office, it is important for the company to have assets consolidated while providing their employees with an overview of what they have been entrusted with in order to perform their employment.
All receipt data for the aid is easily available in clear reports, and each operation with the aid is recorded in an immutable logo audit.

The user confirms receipt of the device with his written signature, and this confirmation is also accompanied by a thumbprint. The signature complies with the EU eIDAS parameters and is thus legally enforceable. Therefore, both the company and the employee can rely on the fact that the condition corresponds to reality.
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  • Special role Asset Manager for employees who manage assets
  • Categories
  • Custom fields
  • User's view
  • Team manager's view of his colleagues' assets
  • Written signature when confirming receipt of eu compliant device ordered by eIDAS on the validity of the electronic signature
  • Handover cryptographic print
  • Notification on receipt and rejection of the equipment
  • Easy to read dashboard
  • Audit log


  • Hide a module from selected users
  • Assign the Asset Manager role to selected users
  • Create, edit, and manage assets
  • Import help from Excel
  • Create and manage asset custom fields
  • Weisen Sie einem Benutzer ein Anlage zu
  • Preview of all assets and their handover status
  • Reminder of the asset handover
  • Preview of audit logs of all assets


  • Preview of assigned assets
  • Acceptance / refusal of the asset handover - from the e-mail notification, dashboard or Asset section

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