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Thanks to the module, employees have access to information about their working hours and can also apply for absences at any time.

You can use predefined types of absence (vacation, sick day, unpaid leave, doctor, etc.), or you can create your own dials exactly according to your needs. Each employee has his own individual fund, drawing conditions and approver who is leaving the absence application.
All people in the company get a clear overview of who is at work, who is on vacation and when they are coming back. Likewise, everyone gets an overview of their own absences and balances.
For payroll processing purposes, invite your payroll accountant directly to the application, or you can send it to Excel with monthly reports.
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  • Dashboard for everyone
  • Absence approval workflow
  • Monitoring annual absence funds
  • Working time management
  • Web and mobile version for creation and approval
  • Built-in presets or your own custom events
  • Balance reports for administrators
  • Integration with Google Calendar

All users:

  • Absence and working time dashboard with basic information
  • Preview of absence balances (holidays, sick days, etc.)
  • Preview of scheduled absence events in the calendar
  • Insert absence events in web and mobile calendars
  • Insert an event note
  • Insert comments and "likes" on events within the absence event detail
  • Identify specific users in the comment, they will then receive a notification
  • Insert attachments to events
  • Mobile, in-app and email notifications about the approval of an event by a supervisor
  • All event reports and summary absence reports
  • Report Working time calendar for previewing the working time and tracked time


  • Preview of planned absence events of your colleagues in the calendar
  • Approve absences of your colleagues via notifications, dashboard, calendar
  • Approval via dedicated screen with event filtering option
  • Quickly approve all pending events with one click
  • Comments on your colleagues' events
  • Preview of your colleagues' reports with export to Excel


  • Configure available events via event settings
  • Create your own absence and working time events with possibility to use predefined templates
  • Define custom language translations of event names
  • Configure all users' working hours
  • Allow selected events to be used by selected users
  • Set up individual balances for all users
  • Quick bulk setup of balances and permits
  • Generating reports of all events
  • Generating balance reports and a summary of absence events
  • Generating a working time calendar report
  • Generating a Working Time Report
  • Export reports to CSV, XML, XLS

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