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Small and medium-sized enterprises

Of course, it also works for larger organisations. However, with the set of features we provide, we focus on smaller and medium-sized companies first of all. These companies are usually looking for a tool to help them quickly and effectively solve their HR agenda. At the same time, they do not need a robust solution with payroll calculation.
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Modern lean organizations

You understand that there is no point in introducing robust solutions where you need both functional and price flexibility. You aim to solve 80% of your needs using 20% effort. When developing features, we follow common sense and Pareto's rule, so the application is simple and clear.
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Cloud fans

Sloneek lives safely in a cloud. Thanks to this, you can significantly save on the costs associated with running your own infrastructure and we can constantly improve the application without the need for any intervention on your side.
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We are a hit if you expect from the HR application:

Quick implementation
  • The introduction of Sloneek into a medium-sized company usually takes no more than a few days. Most of this time will be taken up by putting together information about the employees, which are later introduced to the system. 
  • We recommend introducing Sloneek step by step. Start with basic modules and as soon as your people learn to use the application and start trusting it, you can move on to the next module.
Intuitive user interface
  • We firmly believe that the simpler the application for users, the more they prefer to work with it. Therefore, the user interface is simple, beautiful and intuitive, so all your people get to know the app very quickly.
Flexible solution
  • Sloneek is fully customisable to the needs of most companies. All the objects you work with can be edited in the settings. With Sloneek, it is also possible to solve various specific requirements very creatively, thus saving time and money you would spend introducing other tools.
Support in your language 🇨🇿 🇸🇰 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇩🇪
  • Although Sloneek and I have international ambitions, we place great emphasis on personal support in the Czech and Slovak languages. We are ready to help you with initial setup, to take you and your people through the applications and to be always at your fingertips when solving everyday requirements.
Regular app update
  • Every week, we release an update that you can start using straight away, thanks to the cloud technology we employ. Our customers' requests for changes and improvements will regularly find their way into these updates.
  • Can't you find the feature that would make your day better? Let's have a discussion about that. The feature might appear in the next release.
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But we don't have some features, and we don't plan to:

Complete payroll processing
  • Sloneek is a platform that collects data, but does not calculate wages. We do not want to be tied to any legislation, which is why we stand between employees and payroll accounting in the payroll process chain. We help consolidate data about your people so that the accountants can save as much time as possible.
Connection to job advertising portals
  • If your company's HR is built on intensive recruitment and you need to have a 24/7 connection to job advertising portals, Sloneek will not be the right solution for you.

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