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Václav Martin

Václav Martin, MBA 🇨🇿

Product Owner
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Vašek was at the birth of the first idea to create an application that will help people remove paperwork from holiday management. In 2010, he created the first version of the app, called iDovolenka (iHoliday). He still works in Sloneek and is primarily involved in the feature design. Vašek studied economics and marketing. In his personal life, he subscribes to the ideals of trans-humanism. He's a dad of two, martial arts lover, sworn athlete, tough guy and low-carb eating evangelist.
Filip Lukáč

Filip Lukáč 🇸🇰

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Filip was at the birth of the first version of Sloneek, which he coded all by himself in his spare time. He was also the first to come up with the future name of the application, which was then converted into its current phonetic form. He currently serves as the head of development. Filip is a graduate of the Informatics Department at the Technical University of Košice. He played professional hockey for HC Košice and his positive relationship with sport did not leave him. Currently, he holds the company record for the highest number of steps per day.
Milan Rataj

Milan Rataj, Ph.D. 🇨🇿

Customer Happiness Lead
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Milan is one of the professionally oldest team members, he joined the team in the era of iDovolenka. In addition to customer care, he is an active evangelist of the competence model in employee development. Milan studied andragogy and marketing. He is currently completing his doctorate in Andragogy and Education Management at the Charles University. Milan is a food lover, wine connoisseur, excellent chef and active athlete. In the past, he has been engaged in ski races, today he focuses on TRX, circular training and golf.
Peter Hložný

Peter Hložný 🇸🇰

Lead Developer
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Peter has been with Sloneek from the very beginning, and is currently responsible for the backend of the application. Peter is completing his studies at the Informatics Department at the Technical University of Košice. Outside of work, he's a passionate biker and a determined gamer. He's also very modest, which is why his section is so short 😇
Jozef Pokrivčák

Mgr. Jozef Pokrivčák 🇸🇰

Sales Manager
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Jozef joined our ranks in 2020 when he took on the role of Sales manager. Jozef is a graduate of Masaryk University and Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in the field of English language and literature. Jozef's passion for languages is evident. He speaks English and German fluently, explores Hebrew and can speak a few words in Japanese. Being a sales manager, he barely has some spare time, but when he does, he likes to go hiking, plays board games, video games and devotes time to his beloved historical time-period - Middle Ages.
Julia Guzi

Mgr. Júlia Guzi🇸🇰

Marketing Manager
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Júlia is the newest addition to the Sloneek family. She studied psychology at Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. She puts her education to good use in marketing, which she lovingly leads 😍. She likes to relax while on long walks in the mountains and exploring new places 🏔 🔭.
... and five extremely skilled people 🤩

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