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Online corporate attendance, time tracking and absence.

Time that people do not have to devote to administration will be happy to invest in meaningful work.
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Asset management, signing documents, tasks.

You will get easily accessible information about the use of all the resources you have.

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Digital HR frees up your people's hands and time.

Your HR department will have enough time to deal with what is essential. Your people.
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Simple online solution for a complex HR agenda

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Online HR solutions

Sloneek is an online tool for HR staff and their wards. In a user-friendly environment and intuitive environment, there are all the essential tools you need to work with employees and external collaborators.
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Records of employees and externalists

Each employee has his/her own user account. All the personal data is safely stored in the employee profile in accordance with GDPR. Onboard your employees quickly - create them, assign assets to them and prompt them to read the binding documents. Then add them to your team.
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Registering working hours, approving absences

All employees have their working hours set. It is important that everyone knows when to come to work, how long their working hours are and how much leave they have left. Creating a vacation request, or home office, is a matter of a few clicks from the dashboard.
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Online attendance and work report

Sloneek offers many different ways to track time. Users can use the modern attendance solution, start-stop time tracking or flexible planning calendar. All this is linked to approval workflows, reports and data exports.
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Clear work records with Time Tracking

In Sloneek, you can easily allocate people and plan shifts for the upcoming period. Users can report their work in time sheets. Shift plan is then compared with the attendance report and time sheets. People always know when to arrive to work and for how long.
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Company documents with signature workflow

The digital signature workflow is used to obtain confirmation of reading the binding documents, such as internal guidelines and safety instructions. You can also create a comprehensive signature workflow with multiple participants, or even with the whole company. We are eIDAS ready and fully in accordance with GDPR. Our digital signature has at least the same legal weight as the signature on paper.
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Registering work erming protocols

We will help you bring order to the company property that you assign to your employees. In the simple workflow, the handover of the equipment is recorded in the electronic handover protocol with a digital signature bearing a cryptographic imprint.
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Innovative competence model

The competence model is a completely digitized agenda of creating a tree of competence models, testing them, planning them, distribution among employees and their subsequent evaluation.

We also help companies with the complete implementation of the competence model in the form of consultations and cooperation in setting up processes and the application itself. We see competence as a modern way of working with employee development, which results in higher people satisfaction and a more powerful company.
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Quick implementation

80% of SMEs are ready to start using Sloneek within three days. The complete deployment of all modules usually takes no more than two weeks.
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Simple interface

End users don't need any training. Even so, there is contextual help, instructional videos, and rich knowledgebase. We will be happy to train administrators if necessary.
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Flexible use

Although the modules have their basic purpose, they can be used for a variety of agendas that require cooperation of your company members. Find inspiration on our blog.

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aleš kozák

"Sloneek became part of the team. We can always see who is doing what and can easily plan ahead."

Director / Institute for Monuments and Culture

We appreciate quick and nice communication of Sloneek team. Our insights and feedback are always accepted as a challenge or incentive for improvement.

HR manager / Restrial
Kateřina Chadimová

We started with Sloneek when it was still iDovolenka. So far, we haven't found any negative that would prove that we made a mistake :)

Happy Office Coordinator /
Emotions are a part of us and being able to work well with them is a necessity. When else to start than now, when the world is transforming before our eyes. Another part of the podcast with psychologist, coach and lecturer Olga Lošťáková.
If 150 other people respond to the position besides you, it is the CV (or LinkedIn profile) that will make the first impression for you.
A job interview is a kind of gateway to a dream job. At least once in a lifetime, everyone probably takes it. The purpose of the interview and its importance is widely known and so it is a great bogeyman for many people.

HR is our life. We help businesses create environment where people are happy.

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